This course is for you if:

You want to give yourself freedom and put your family first (or your future family)!

You want to identify your 'why', your business goals, and your big vision.

You want to turn the overwhelming tasks of owning a business into digestible daily to-do’s. 

Join us in Momma Biz Academy as you start your journey as a business owner to help elevate yourself, your mindset, and your success!


Momma Biz Academy

Access to Momma Biz Academy for 1 Year

A dynamic course dedicated to teaching you how to plan, build, and scale your mom-focused business!! 

2 payments of $270/month

MBA eCourse PLUS Mastermind Addition

Start and Get Support Right Away

Along with instant access to the eCourse, you get access to both HeHe and me for 8 targeted weeks of growth in your business.


4 Weeks of Live Calls (90 mins)

4 Weeks of Expansion Work (Targeted homework with guided outlines to act on the theme of each call)


Topics include: 

-Your Business and Your Relationships (Marriage, Friendship, Kids)

-Structuring the Inside of Your Business & Hiring Out

-Structuring Your Offerings

-Finding Your Voice as a Business Owner 

Meeting times:

August 23rd

September 6th

September 20th

October 4th

*All calls take place from 8-9:30 Eastern time